2020 will be the year of bold and striking fashion as predicted from runway collections. From researching of  whats to come there was many styles to get excited for, that will be taking over not only the year but decade ahead. By seeing what trends are in fashion give us all the opportunity to get creative in incorporating the innovative styles into ones personal style. Here I have my top 10 favourite’s from the impactful trends.

Madi xx


The statement collar has been making an entrance on the 2020 runway, giving a fierce and bold look with most collars seen with a sharp modern cut. Collars on jackets were seen with a contrast colour or collars styled peaking out on top of jackets to bring attention to the collar.


White seems to be a colour that will be trending into 2020 bringing in a sense of newness. Many runways were seen with stand out all white styled outfits fully embracing the colour.


I noticed a pattern of unique necklines through the collections than your standard crew neck. With uses of square, sweetheart and asymmetrical as seen on Bottega Veneta which is predicted to be one of the brands that will be taking over 2020, along with so many other neckline silhouette’s to look out for. 


The return of the cape has made it way onto the 2020 runway. Adding an element of volume and aligning with the bold theme that is making it’s way into the year. With many designers showcasing many creative designs of the cape. 


Vertical stripes are seen to be trending in many styles of clothing for the year. Being the perfect pattern for adding elongation to any look and is trusted to be flattering on the figure.


Strong shoulders have been taking over the runways bringing forth power dressing and conjoining with the bold and striking theme of the year. From shoulder pads to extra exaggerated shoulders designed almost like armour. 


Pleats were on overload throughout the runways seen through all types of clothing from your pleated skirts to the most extravagant and abstract designs of pleats. 


Side slits were seen embraced through many designers collections for 2020. This effortless cut showcasing the leg brings forth a fierce appeal. 


Be sure to see the suit become your look when pursuing your motivational business goals throughout they year. Coming in forms of different structures, to 3 piece suit sets which include a vest paired with, to monochromatic styled suits.


The liquid like metallic wear are calling for a high shine appeal 2020. That will be sure to be seen through the nights of party and evening wear through the year. A perfect alternative for those who don’t particularly like sequins but still want that amplified glamour effect.

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