Incorporating leather into the wardrobe

Incorporating leather into the wardrobe

Leather is a timeless fabric that will never go out of style. The importance of investing in leather is because of its heavy weight you can trust that it won’t unravel compared to other materials and will remain long lasting. Another interesting factor to leather is that it tends to look better overtime as the material will shape to your body figure creating your own personalised fit. Which will ensure you always having flattering and form fitted look. 

Below I have listed my recommended leather items worth investing in.


BALMAIN leather

A leather jacket is the most classic leather style of leather garments to incorporate into the wardrobe, which makes it a piece you will find yourself keeping in your wardrobe for years with it’s strong durability and everlasting style. Giving the ability to create many innovative styles with each year. The Balmain blazer leather jacket above is my chosen example of the perfect leather jacket that will remain timeless. The tailored style creates a powerful look along with the double buttoned detailing which I love gives an element of chicness. 

Leather ankle boot


When incorporating leather into your wardrobe ankle leather boots is a great piece to own in your wardrobe. Again a style that will never go out of fashion. And you can rely the sole and heel of the boot will stay in tact after many times of being worn. Leather boots can also be a subtle way of incorporating leather into your wardrobe if you find leather too heavy of a look to wear. I find ankle leather boots one of the most simplest of shoes to able to pair with numerous styles of outfits. These Fendi leather ankle boots absolutely caught my attention with my love of a square toe alongside the uniquely shaped heel. These boots will ensure to elevate and match an outfit.


alberta ferretti

Leather pants are a another leather garment piece that is most commonly seen which however do give off a more bold look to them. Are also a style you can trust will still be revolving around in fashion over the years. Textures such as wool, silk, cashmere will look very classy paired with leather pants. I think we often forget that leather comes in many forms of shades other than black which I personally like to gravitate towards different shades with leather pants particularly such as shades of browns to neutral tones or even a deep green would look refined in leather. These Alberta Ferretti pants are the perfect example, I also love the straight cut and the use of darts giving it a sophisticated appeal.

Leather bag


Leather bags are another great leather investment as with the sturdiness you can trust the bag will stay in tact for a long period of time. Specifically the bottom of the bag and straps tend to have sturdier construction compared to bags made out of other material. Making it ideal for a leather bag to be your go to bag of choice. For example the Prada bag shown would be a great option as a everyday bag, black being a classic colour, the style being compact enough to carry many items and I also like the overall business chic look to it. Also if you find yourself unsure of wearing leather, leather bags are a good way to break into leather if you are unsure of wearing leather as leather bags is more so an accessory which also gives the option to become very experimental coming in different shades of colour and styles gives you variety into coordinating with your outfits. 

Madi xx

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