This years 2019 It bag goes to the mini bag. The minuscule sized bags have been all over the runways taking it’s place of this years ‘It bag’. A bag ideal for ensuring you only carry what is necessary. And with a top handle making it functionally easy to carry around, but all at the same time giving off a touch of chic. Ideally the mini bag would be perfect for event occasions to compliment an outfit. The debut of this years It bag took off with many forms of styles/aesthetics to able to cater all. Though the size of the mini bag it should not be underestimated with the statement it can make with many bold styles that were curated able to strike any outfit. While at the same time minimalistic and classic styles were made as well which is perfect for outfits when you don’t want your bag to over clash with your outfit. Looking deeper into the creativity that were mostly seen for the It bag ranged from Geometrical shapes, textures/prints, crochet, acetate, over emphasised compartments, hand painted accents, fringe and transparency, 

The Antique Jewell box silhouette incorporated into the mini bag which looked like treasure boxes was one of my favourite’s, with alluring opulence appeal it has to it. Designers such as Dolce & Gabanna and Oscar de la Renta showcased many mini bags featuring the antique jewelled style.

Another styled mini bag that caught my attention was the pyramid shaped style. A captivating symmetry sure to give any outfit a unique twist.  

Animal print being a popular print of this years fashion trends had of course made its way to the mini bags as well. Featuring my most favourite animal prints which are snake and crocodile giving off a sleek appeal to the mini bags.

Lastly, Gold hardware was the metal choice for this seasons It bag. Gold adornments graced bags in forms of many styles from delicate features to bold statements. A key theme of the gold hardware was used as circular handles, making a stand out effect. The gold was also  being incorporated with clamshell clasps which gave off a more elegant aesthetic. 


Madi xx

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