Outfit: Sleek & Simplistic

This outfit to me is sleek yet simplistic and a look I could wear on many occasions. The white tie waist blouse is simple yet flattering as well as being…

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Silk Dress Looks

Silk is one of the most luxurious fabrics developed in the world. The shimmering appearance of silk is held within the prism-like structure forming the silk material to reflect incoming…

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Outfit: Silhouette Structure

The look I formed together shown in the images reminded me of the medieval time because of the Juillet styled sleeve on the wrap top i'm wearing which I love…

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Heavenly bodies Met Gala

This years annual met gala on may 7th 2018, was one of the most aesthetically pleasing events to have happened this year. The theme was heavenly bodies meaning catholic imagination displays how the religion’s imagery and symbolism has influenced haute couture designers.…

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